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Posted by Kinsale Newsletter on Tuesday 8 November 2016

Sentiment Sparkles for Women at Christmastime
More than Half of Irish People will Aim to Buy Irish this Christmas

Sentiment and not price is what matters when it comes to buying for the fairer sex at Christmas, a survey carried out by Enibas jewellery has revealed.
The survey of 1,000 people by one of the most recognisable Irish designer jewellery brands found that 72% of us like to have our festive gift shopping completed before the start of December while 28% prefer to leave it to the last minute. Enibas has become synonymous with thoughtful gifts and key pieces inscribed with meaningful Irish phrases including "Croí álainn", "Do Shaol … do Thuras" and "Lean do Bhrionglóid".
Of those surveyed, more than half of those stated that they try to buy Irish and prefer to receive Irish made gifts. In terms of budget setting, 44% expect to spend between €100 and €200 on a gift for a significant other while just 6% will spend less than €50.
The old adage of diamonds being a girls best friends doesn't ring true with 99% of women admitting that the meaning behind the gift is the most important factor, while 76% of female respondents said that their most memorable gifts were more sentimental than sparkly or were personalised in some way. The survey also revealed that the men of Ireland need to up their gift giving game as almost half of the female respondents could not remember what their partner had gifted them last Christmas!
Speaking of the survey, Sabine Lenz, owner of Enibas said, "This survey has given us a real insight in to people's festive shopping habits. We have been in business for over 20 years and know only too well the difficulties our customers and in particular men face when it comes to buying for their partners. Christmas can be a stressful time and the urge to impulse buy can be huge but a little bit of thought can make all the difference. With almost half of women surveyed saying that they felt that their partner doesn't spend as much time putting thought in to their gifts as they do for them we have decided to help the men folk out this Christmas by creating a specific email address, "clueless@enibas.com". Here, they can send us a quick email about their partner and we will revert with options within their budget.
With our shops in Schull, where all of our pieces are handcrafted, and Kinsale, as well as online sales through our website, we hope that more Irish women will be happy on Christmas morning on opening our signature wrapping to discover a gift they will cherish and remember forever."
Enibas will celebrate 10 years in Kinsale on the week of November 21st with a special event on the 26th where special discounts will be available on a range of pieces throughout the day.


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