Brave Emma's words live on through inspirational documentary
Posted by Kinsale Newsletter on Monday 13 July 2015

The inspirational words of a woman who refused to be silenced by Motor Neurone Disease before her death this year will be heard for the first time over the air waves.
Emma Fitzpatrick, Kinsale, passed away during the making of a five part documentary for UCC radio station’s UCC 98.3FM that saw her story told in her own words through eye gaze technology. Eye gaze systems incorporate an inbuilt camera which track where the eyes are looking, enabling one to move a mouse pointer.
Her family were determined to take care of her unfinished business and battled through, in the hope that her words could be immortalised to help others.
Their heartbreak followed a long fight which Emma – mother to Rowan (10) and Alannah (7) - started from her diagnosis back in 2010.
She worked in collaboration with producer Jo Pickup on the project but at just 47 years old, did not live to see its completion.
Her husband Jonnie said: “Emma had so many opportunities in life to become bitter but despite being unable to do anything for herself physically, she remained an independent woman determined to conquer the world.
* The programme will be broadcast on Saturday at 6pm on UCC98.3FM.


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