Cork Dragon to launch cost-saving carpooling app in Kinsale
Posted by Kinsale Newsletter on Wednesday 24 April 2013

Kinsale’s very own Dragons’ Den star, Sean O'Sullivan, will host a launch night of the new Avego mobile app in Kinsale, on Tuesday 30th April. Avego’s carpooling app is set to make car travel cheaper, reduce emissions and increase the quality of the commute experience by bringing together drivers and passengers to share journeys. Technology pioneer O’Sullivan, is credited with two of the biggest trends in computing, the introduction of street mapping on computers and as co-creator of cloud computing. Now, Avego is set to introduce another major innovation to the world, this time in the way we travel.

"Kinsale has a rich history of influence on the world, from the pivotal battle between the English and the Spanish in 1601 to the launch of the ‘Transition Town’ environmental movement in 2006. Avego’s first active ridesharing community in Ireland is also emerging from Kinsale. With Avego’s long association with Kinsale, we are particularly proud to be establishing our pilot in this corner of Ireland", said O’Sullivan.

The launch event, due to take place in Kinsale's Actons Hotel, at 7pm on Tuesday 30th April welcomes the public from Kinsale and all nearby towns and areas. The Mayor of Kinsale is one of several esteemed guests, and will kick off proceedings on the evening. “I feel really proud that Avego has its roots right here in Kinsale. I know it will save money, help the environment and bring our community even closer,” said Kinsale Mayor, Cllr Billy Lynch.

At 7.30pm, Dragon Sean O’Sullivan, will take the floor with a short talk followed by an entertaining, interactive demonstration of the software. Avego has been in development for four years. The app, now ready for market, significantly improves carbon footprints and turns commuting into an enjoyable and efficient journey for neighbours and colleagues to share.

The Kinsale region is going to be the first in Ireland to enjoy the benefits of Avego. It joins Avego’s other pilot schemes which are currently running in Norway and in the US, with an ultimate goal to build carpooling communities worldwide.

The Avego app enables Kinsale commuters to save thousands of euro each year in petrol and car costs, by finding and co-ordinating drivers and riders from Kinsale and surrounding regions to share their commute to work and back.

If you would like to know more, and are curious to see how the Avego app works, you can join Sean O’Sullivan and Cllr. Lynch on Tuesday 30th, in the Kinsale Suite of Actons Hotel, while enjoying coffee and cupcakes at the launch of Avego’s Kinsale pilot.

Founded in 2007, Avego is a global provider of software for improving the efficiency of passenger transportation. The company is a world leading company in efficient mobility, adding cars and vans to the public transport network. Avego is a multinational company with offices in the United States (Washington, Silicon Valley and San Diego) and Ireland (Cork and Dublin). Avego’s customers include cities, governments, public transport operators and thousands of individual consumers and private transport operators.


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