Excellent Junior Cert Results at Kinsale Community School
Posted by Kinsale Newsletter on Monday 14 September 2015

The Kinsale Community School Junior Cert students in the class of 2015 performed exceptionally well with the top 10 students' results accumulating a collective haul of 70 higher level As and 40 higher level Bs!

The highest performing students were Fiona Deasy and Christopher Healy both with 10 As and 1 B. Sorcha Doyle and Stan Russell also obtained amazing results with Sorcha obtaining 9As and 2 Bs and Stan obtaining 8 As and 3 Bs.

Fergal McCarthy expressed great delight at the achievement of all of the students. He said that their hard work and dedication paid off. He also paid tribute to the parents and teachers of the students for the support and guidance that these students received.

Mr McCarthy also remarked on the value that is placed on the Junior Cert as an incentive to keep student focused and on task. He said that it allows students to now look at their subject options for Leaving Cert in terms of knowing where their strengths lie. He said that the Kinsale Community School students have had a very affirming experience with the state examinations and that this will stand them in good stead for their Leaving Certificate.


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