KCS at BTYSE 2016
Posted by Kinsale Newsletter on Wednesday 13 January 2016

Congratulations to the students of Kinsale Community School who competed at the BT Young Scientist Competition last week in the RDS. Eleven projects represented the school and students received 8 awards at the event. Awards were received in a variety of categories such as Biological & Ecological, Social & Behavioural and Chemical, Physical & Mathematical.
Award Winners at the BT Young Scientist 2016 were:
Alva White: Category: Biological & Ecological Junior Individual 3rd Place. Project: The effect PH of water has on the yield of wheatgrass.
Conor Horan : Category: Social & Behavioural Junior Individual 3rd Place. Project: A statistical study into whether people have become desensitized to human suffering.
David Daly: Category: Social & Behavioural Junior Individual 2nd Place. Project: Statistical analysis of the current migrant crisis
Cliodhna Doyle, Freyja Hellebust: Category: Social & Behavioural Junior Group 3rd Place.Project: A statistical study of the effects of photo based social media on body image and if this is dependent on gender and age
Katie Daly, Áine Cummins, Ellen Kelleher: Category: Social & Behavioural Highly Commended. Project: An investigation into the different impact mixed schools and single-sex schools have on student’s personal and academic development
Ryan O’Sullivan, Thomas Greenan, Michael Murphy: Category: Social & Behavioural Highly Commended. Project: A Thuismitheoirí “An Bhfuil Sibh Aireach Go Leor?” (A Parental Call of Duty)
Hannah Kellett, Aisling Hurley: Category: Biological & Ecological Highly Commended. Project: A photometric analysis of the bioluminescence properties of Pyrocytis Lunula Algae when exposed to pollutants.
Madi Hayes, Alicja Bakula: Category: Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Highly Commended. Project: Domestic reverse osmosis filtration Vs. mains water, is there a difference?


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