Kinsale Arts Weekend 2021 Poster Launch
Posted by Kinsale Newsletter on Friday 11 June 2021

The Story Behind the 2021 Kinsale Arts Weekend Poster!

It’s not like you need an additional reason to visit Kinsale. Already well known for its beautiful harbour, shops and restaurants, great places to stay and an abundance of things to do with friends, family or romantic interests …. But additional reasons this vibrant town continues to provide regardless.

Kinsale Arts Weekend is a world-renowned festival which takes place every year on the second weekend of July. This year, an exciting programme tailored to allow for safe enjoyment reflects the festival’s aims to celebrate many diverse art forms for both established and emerging artists. Full programme details are still to be finalised but for a sneak preview and a taste of things to come, visit

The theme of the 2021 festival “The Year the world changed” was inspired by the David Attenborough documentary and as we emerge from the trauma of a global pandemic, offers opportunities to reflect, heal and hope through the power of the arts whilst also enjoying the many other amenities that Kinsale has to offer.
The success of the arts festival derives in no small part from the ongoing collaboration between the local community, businesses and artists and this year, Art Noveau, Kinsale harbour, and even COVID-19 came together as inspiration for illustrator Sam Hadley’s promotional poster for the festival weekend.
“This illustration was painted in the midst of the lockdown,” Sam explains. “I wanted to show something of a 'new dawn’ feeling and I’ve always liked that tree in the harbour. I was looking at a lot of Art Nouveau posters at the time and I think it shows in the work. Those posters are always so optimistic and show the beauty of nature.”
Hadley who relocated from the U.K to Kinsale, grew up in the countryside and wanted the same for his children. “I was brought up in the countryside but lived in the city as an adult. I wanted to let my kids experience a similar rural childhood and we’ve also always wanted to live by the sea. My wife has family in Cork, so Kinsale seemed like the perfect spot.”
The scene depicted by Sam in the KAW 2021 poster certainly reinforces the notion of Kinsale as an idyll - the perfect setting for a “new dawn” this summer, both for the community and the arts.
Hadley, whose clients include household names such as Coke, Adidas and Carlsberg, also did the sought-after Kinsale Arts Weekend 2019 poster, and has been generous enough to allow his posters to be used to benefit KAW 2021. Collectors can now purchase the 2021 poster by visiting while limited stocks last. All proceeds from sales of the poster go to Kinsale Arts Weekend 2021.


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