Kinsale Rocks!
Posted by Kinsale Newsletter on Monday 10 February 2020

Eagle eyed residents and visitors to Kinsale over the past week may have happened across the cutest hand-painted rocks dotted around the town in different locations, with the message #KinsaleRocks painted on them.
This sweet idea, designed to put a smile on the faces of both young and old, has been brought to you by Ruby and Jimmy Cook and their mum Maeve Edwards who discovered the idea while on holiday with their grandad in Scotland. Ruby and Jimmy promised their grandad they would start the idea in Kinsale and did so last year, spending hours of fun, painting and hiding the rocks in playgrounds and parks.
However in the past week they have broadened it to include Kinsale town centre, and what fun has been had so far by people of all ages! In fact while in Kinsale last week to visit his grandchildren, Mr. Cook spotted one of the stones, which brought him huge joy.
Over 40 of the colourful stones, all hand-painted and varnished by Maeve, Ruby and Jimmy, are hidden throughout the town centre. Why don’t you try and find one (or more!), take a photo of it, post it on social media with the hashtag #KinsaleRocks and then hide it in another location! Or why not even paint your own and hide them too!
Let’s spread the message that #KinsaleRocks all over the world!


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