Leaving Cert / Junior Cert Success at KCS
Posted by Kinsale Newsletter on Wednesday 9 October 2013

The Kinsale Community School had yet another incredibly successful year in terms of student attainment in the State Examinations in 2013 with 20% of Leaving Cert students receiving 500 points or more and with 50% of Leaving Cert students receiving more than 400 points. These attainments far outstrip the national average.
Similarly, the grades obtained by the Junior Cert students were phenomenal, where four students obtained more than 10 As, and one student receiving 12 straight A grades. There were only 13 students nationally that obtained 12 As out of the 60,000 students that sat the exam, and one of those 13 was a student in the Kinsale Community School. One student out of 220 students nationally received 10 As, one student out of 32 received 10 As in the Kinsale Community School.
These grades and results reflect the educational excellence that is delivered at the Kinsale Community School by a dedicated staff that support, assist and guide their students to reach their full potential in a selfless manner.
When these results are set alongside the other remarkable achievements that are obtained by the students of the school, such as on the sports fields, where All Ireland titles have been obtained, or in the Young Scientist Competitions where European awards have been gleaned, it clearly demonstrates that the Kinsale Community School is one of the most successful schools in Ireland.    


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