Plant Sale at Kinsale College in aid of Irish Red Cross
Posted by Kinsale Newsletter on Wednesday 30 March 2022

On Friday 8th April, the Kinsale Campus of Cork College of FET will be hosting a plant sale on the grounds of the campus from 10am until 4pm. This will be first time since 2019 that we can welcome members of the wider community into the college for the plant sale. The sale is organised and run by the Level 6 students of the Sustainable Horticulture course.
All the plants available on the day are species and varieties that are known for supporting native wildlife such as bees, hoverflies and butterflies, all of which play a role in the healthy functioning of our natural environment. Some plants also have the additional benefit of being edible, such as globe artichoke and fennel. The focus is also on the longer-lived perennial plants so once planted and given a little care, they will be of benefit to our local biodiversity for several years without the need for replanting every Spring.
This year, the college has sourced plastic-free, plant-based pots in which to grow the pollinator-friendly flowers. These are 100% compostable at home. Plastic waste is a huge problem in the horticulture industry and the Sustainable Horticulture course at Kinsale Campus is continually looking for ways to reduce our reliance on the material. Similarly, all the growing media used in the production of the plants is peat-free, thus supporting and contributing to the protection of Ireland’s remaining peatland habitats, which are internationally recognised for their biodiversity value.
This year, Kinsale Campus will donate all proceeds generated from the plant sale to the Irish Red Cross.


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