Robert O'Leary to undertake Fundraising Walk for CUH and UHG
Posted by Kinsale Newsletter on Wednesday 23 June 2021

Proud Kinsale native, Robbie O’Leary, is planning to undertake a fundraising walk for CUH and UHG in July as a thank you to both hospitals for the care and attention he received when he fell ill unexpectedly six years ago.

In August 2015, during a visit to his GP about a minor unrelated medical problem, his GP did a blood test. Two days later Robbie got a call saying something had shown up in his bloods and we was encouraged to go to A & E in CUH.
Following more tests he was referred to Haematology CUH which led to more blood tests, biopsies and scans confirming that he had Multiple Myeloma. Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells in the Bone Marrow. Three months on he started weekly chemotherapy, steroids and bone strengthening treatment at Dunmanway Day Unit in CUH.
Luckily, Robbie was suitable for Stem Cell Treatment. This began his journey to UHG where after two months he underwent a Stem Cell Transplant. After this, he was transferred by ambulance from UHG to CUH where he spent 28 days in isolation. Given COVID, maybe some of you can empathise with this.

Thanks to stem cell treatment, and the wonderful care and support from his medical team, family and friends, his cancer is now in remission. To say thank you for the wonderful care and attention he received and to raise much needed funds for Haematology CUH and the Stem Cell Unit UHG he has decided to replicate his 188km journey by virtually walking from GUH to CUH during July.

Sadly, most of us have been touched by cancer in some way. Robbie is appealing to clubs, families and individuals to please donate and to virtually join him on his journey to help two very worthy causes. To donate and find out more go to


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